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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry
Prevention is our forte! Many modern studies indicate the correlation between good oral health and good overall health. The most common reasons for harmful bacteria in our mouths can be due to poor oral hygiene and untreated decay. This bacteria can enter the blood stream, leading to other health problems, including heart conditions, respiratory disease, stomach ulcers, oral cancers and many more. Along with good oral hygiene practices and maintaining a balanced diet, a six monthly visit to the dentist is recommended to ensure adequate oral health. Unfortunately, dental care routines at home do not remove the tartar build-up that occurs on teeth over time so regular six monthly visits to us are necessary to make those teeth look and feel squeaky clean. If you are due for a dental check up, don’t put it off, it is an investment in good overall well being. Call us today on 55646160

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